Radio’s Survival Kit for the Digital Listening Revolution

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The results of this year’s annual national web-based study of business radio listeners square measure here. Tech survey 2019 measures the incredibly evolving and fast-changing media and technology setting.

The survey was conducted in January/early Gregorian calendar month 2019 within the U.S. and Canada. It concerned 519 radio stations, generating quite 50.000 respondents.

The media habits of fourteen format core audiences, in conjunction with five generations, square measure examined in Techsurvey 2019. From Boomers to Millennials, completely different patterns of consumption square measure rising, providing radio broadcasters with info from that they’ll contrive game plans and techniques.

Key Findings:

The Rise of Voice.

Good speakers (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.) square measure currently closely-held by quite one in four respondents, up considerably from only two years agone. And [*fr1] own multiple good speakers within the home.

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Streaming Video Grows

Netflix is employed weekly or additional typically by quite half respondents, punctuating an increase in different streaming brands, as well as Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Radio’s Digital Listening Expands.

Whereas the common fraction of consumption to the typical station in TS 2019 takes place on “regular radios,” concerning tierce of listening is via digital platforms – laptop streams, mobile apps, excellent speakers and podcasts (up from twenty sevenths in TS 2018).


Flat growth, “TSP” (time pay podcasting) increasing. Weekly podcast/on-demand audio listening is flat. However, podcasting’s momentum among people who already listen is growing apace.

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